Framing the Dialogue

New Symbol For Party

As I was watching and listening to the debate over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s comments about President Obama it reminded me of a nature show that I recently saw.  Democrats are falling all over themselves to come to the aid of a beleaguered Reid.  Both white and black Democrats are hitting the talk shows and circling to defend Reid.  This behavior mimics the tactics used by the musk oxen to defend their young.

Many pundits are focusing on Reid’s notion about Obama being light-skinned and his lack of a “negro dialect.”  I found two other things troubling.  Reid seems to admit that Barack Obama can use the dialect when he wants to get votes from blacks.  Some might consider that manipulative.  The second issue is that Reid believes that white voters would not vote for a black man for president. 

I am white and I find that offensive and I demand an apology.  I would vote for Thomas Sowell, Ken Blackwell, Walter Williams, Condoleezza Rice, Angela McGlowan, or Clarence Thomas tomorrow.

My guess is that Reid is trying to survive this news cycle and is praying for another Tiger Woods bimbo to erupt allowing him to escape the front page.  He owes a lot to Obama and other black leaders for defending his remarks, but they cannot really care about Reid, they just no not want any obstacles to getting health care passed.  That is what happens when you sleep with pigs.

I think that since change is the word of this White House, the Democrat Party needs to consider a new symbol or mascot.  I think that the ass is appropriate, but they need to acknowledge their oxen ways. 

Note:  I did consider other animals such as the cheetah (too obvious), chameleon (they camouflage their real intent), Mockingbird (mimic liberal talking points), or hyena (annoying cackle as they go for the kill).

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