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New Briefs – Volume X (Obama Unplugged)

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

This session is all about our Organizer-In-Chief:

Brief 1:  Dorothy Rabinowitz wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal yesterday peering into the inner workings of Obama’s mind.  Rabinowitz describes him as “the alien in the White House” since he is more in tune with his ideology than average Americans.  As President of the United States he is, perhaps, the leader of the free world and he seems to gravitate to that role yet forgetting that his is our President first. 

“It is a White House that has focused consistently on the sensitivities of the world community—as it is euphemistically known—a body of which the president of the United States frequently appears to view himself as a representative at large.”

Brief 2:  The finger-pointer in chief and his staff have spent much of the last 16 months blaming George Bush for just about everything.  This tactic has begun wearing thin in all but his most slavish followers (i.e. Chris Matthews, Olberman, etc.).  One of the things that bothered me about “W” was his refusal to defend himself, and by association us conservatives, against his biggest critics.  Bush has finally fought back at an appearance on Fox News’ Huckabee Show.  This quote shows a real sense of humor;

“It’s become such a joke around the Bush house that every little problem around the house is “Bush’s fault.”

Unfortunately it was Laura Bush.  Watch the clip at I Hate The Media.

Brief 3:  Even slathering Obama backers like Rolling Stone Magazine are having their fill of Obama’s anemic response the worst environmental disaster (a real “man-made” disaster) in history.  Don’t get too excited as the article contains plenty of Bush bashing, “big oil” crap, and typical environmental drivel.  It was interesting that in their view Obama’s worst action was not the fact that his administration has done nothing but impede efforts to contain the spill…his scandal is that he did not do enough to fix the agency from all of Bush’s corruption.  Maybe Laura Bush will respond.

Brief 4:  If you haven’t seen the video of New Black Panther Party member dressed in military garb and brandishing weapons at a Philadelphia voting district during the 2008 presidential election, you must not pay attention.  The video was broadcast world-wide and in the words of members of the Justice Department;

“We strongly believe that this is one of the clearest violations of Section 11(b) [of the Voting Rights Act] the Department has come across. There is never a good reason to bring a billy club to a polling station. If the conduct of these men, which was video recorded and broadcast nationally, does not violate Section 11(b), the statute will have little meaning going forward.” 

Oddly enough is seems to be Bush’s fault as his Justice Department file charges and since the Black Panthers failed to appear to defend themselves, the Obama Justice Department had a slam dunk (I hope you like how I used a basketball reference since Obama loves to hoop).  In what seems like a surprising strategy Attorney General Eric Holder snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by dismissing the case without explanation.  The good news is that one of the case’s lawyers has resigned and is going to tell his story.  This proports to be bad news for this White House.

Brief 5:  “95 percent of Americans will not have their taxes go up one dime.” and “If you like your heath care plan you can keep it.”  Two big non-total truths (or lies) from Obama.  It pains me to admit that Nancy Pelosi was right when she opined that we’ll just have to wait until Obamacare is passed to see what is in it.  Details are coming out from the Associated Press that a majority of us will in fact have to change our health plans as our employers will be forced to make changes.  It will be hard to blame this one on Bush.

Brief 6:  It is interesting and surprising that Barack Obama has enjoyed majority support from Jewish voters and his chief of staff is Jewish.  His actual record and actions towards Israel, however, would suggest that he not have such unwavering support from the Jewish community.  Obama has surrounded himself with friends who have not been as careful with thier thoughts about the Jewish community.  Obama’s treatment of Israeli leaders, sharp criticism of Israeli actions and unwavering support of Palestinian actions at every turn could be viewed as anti-semitic, allegedly.  I am just waiting for his “Helen Thomas moment.”  It is interesting that Saudi Arabia has been more supportive of Israel than this White House.

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