Framing the Dialogue

Never Steal a Cockatiel

The hook for me was the fact that Never Steal a Cockatiel was set in a small town near where I grew up.  Turns out that this really didn’t add much to the story for me other than some familiarity of the names.  Author Edie Claire intertwined a murder mystery with the theft of pets for ransom in this small town.  This was the ninth of the Leigh Koslow Mystery Series and I found it to be a “tame” murder mystery.  That’s not a knock, it just doesn’t have a lot of action and even better…gory details.  It is a good thing to not be hit in the face with grisly details from time to time.

“Leigh’s and Cara’s families lived in a suburb well north of Pittsburgh, but Bellevue was a small borough just beyond the city’s North Side. It was positioned between West View, where Leigh and Cara had grown up and where Leigh’s parents and Cara’s mother still lived, and Avalon, where Leigh’s father’s veterinary clinic was located.”


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