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National Lamepoon’s Vacation

Obama vacationI had thought about the framework for this posting for a little while, but only recently found the hook that I wanted to use.  I was checking in on Facebook and noticed a posting from a friend of a friend “liking” a photograph [that actually makes sense if you use facebook] of President Obama and his family returning from their Hawaiian vacation.  Many of the friends posted comments and since I surmise from the photograph that most of these folks are young I was not too surprised at the comments.

“Great picture. What a beautiful family. I’m so glad they got a chance to escape the maddness for a short vacation.”

“Happy New Year to the Obama family! Thanks for all you do as President and First Lady. It is greatly appreciated by this American.”

“I pray that your Holiday was as enjoyable as possible. I can only imagine this nutjob on the Delta Flight bit into your family time. Here’s the very best to you and your family!”

“Welcome back home Royal family!”

I think that you get the idea.  To be completely fair, there are a lot more comments on the photograph since I first saw it yesterday and many are not as complimentary.  That is to be expected since, contrary to media hype, the 2008 presidential election was not quite the landslide portrayed (Obama 53%, Palin 46%).  There are many Americans who did not vote for him and an increasing number who seem to be coming down with a case of buyers remorse since Rasmussen’s tracking only gives Obama’s approval rating at 27%

What I find most troubling, not surprising, but troubling is how the lame stream media covers the Obama vacation – hence the “Lamepoon” moniker.  I chose two articles from CBS to illustrate the issue.  The first deals with President Obama’s vacation which is portrayed as a much needed rest, but certainly a working vacation:

“Even though it was called a vacation, the trip to Obama’s childhood home was hardly the holiday most Americans seek. Between golf outings, he phoned his homeland security secretary and counter-terrorism adviser for regular updates. Rather than restaurant recommendations, the president was handed thrice-daily updates from the White House Situation Room. And an attack that killed seven U.S. intelligence officers put him on the phone with the CIA director before heading to the island’s North Shore for a party with high school friends.”

There is more of this drivel and you can read it through the link.  I am sorry, but I do not feel sorry for him.  He is president and that comes with the job.

bush-barney-truck399-thumbNow contrast that news story with a short one done by CBS when President George W. Bush visited Camp David for the last time in his presidency.  CBS focused on the fact that Bush spent all or part of 487 days at Camp David and an additional 490 days at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.  There was no mention of the fact that since he was president, there were daily briefings, phone calls, or meetings.  Bush’s vacations were always portrayed as if he was getting away from his job.  I do not remember any report that went into much detail about how he still worked while away from the White House.

Hopefully some media outlet will be covering these stories that I have not seen yet; 

  • Who paid for the Obama’s vacation expenses?
  • How many “vacation” days has Obama had so far?  (trips to NY, Paris, Chicago, Hawaii, etc)
  • Who paid for these trips?  Bush’s trips were to Crawford (he owns it) and Camp David (we own it)
  • Does Obama still smoke? 

I know that last one has nothing to do with vacations, but it still bristles me how the drive-by media covers for liberals and how many republican officials dream about that kind of attention.  I should not complain too much as I did not see any photographs of a bare-chested Obama running out of surf.  I am sure that these photographs were taken, but Chris Matthews probably kept them to himself.  More leg thrills for Chris.

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