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National Cemetery of the Alleghenies

I was recently driving to a business appointment and was slightly, briefly lost (mostly because rural roads are notoriously not consistently marked) and saw a sign for the National Cemetery of The Alleghenies. Having been to Arlington and Gettysburg I was intrigued at the thought of a National Cemetery in what is essentially my backyard. I was early for my meeting so I took the ¾ mile detour to the cemetery.

As I came up a hill and rounded a curve I came upon a view of the burial site with its neat rows of headstones there in the sunlight. “Wow” is what came out of my mouth. As I was drawn in I began to notice more and more sections of buried veterans. The setting, a former farm, is a beautiful resting place for those who served their country…our country.


The cemetery was dedicated in 2005 and aptly has a monument with Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on site. As I walked around I met a caretaker and we struck up a conversation. He said that they have up to 40 burials each week and had five that day. The headstones seemed to have a great many WWII veterans, but I also saw Korean War, Vietnam War, and even an Iraqi Freedom soldier. The cemetery is a somber place, but a picturesque place befitting these soldiers and their spouses. Fortunately there is room for many more graves and as the “Greatest Generation” ages the space will be needed.

Here is the link to the website if you would like to visit or find more information.




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  1. tom Wojtasiak says:

    I was at the Cemetery recently I got a map and on it was a Sec number and a four digit number I couldn’t find the four digit number on any of the grave markers. So how does one find the resting place of a loved one.
    thanks for any help in this matter.
    Tom W.

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