Framing the Dialogue

Name of the Devil

“The clues are here—at least the clues to what happened physically. But they don’t explain how or why. We have an explosion, but no victims. Just traces. Something tells me there’s more to this than just a bomb or a gas explosion.”

Author Andrew Mayne is fast becoming one of my favorite writers.  Name of the Devil is his second in the Jessica Blackwood series (I mistakenly read the second one first).  Blackwood comes from a magical family; that is they are a famous family of magicians.  She threw away her cape for an FBI badge and uses her magician skills to solve crimes.

In this novel there is a serial killer who seems to be able to make normal people do the most heinous things sparking some in the community to believe in the devil.  Clues dating back decades lead the FBI on a chase to stop more murders as their staging seems to be escalating.

“That determined vigilance has affected me in a lot of different ways. Now, when I feel the hint of something odd, I find myself subconsciously preparing for an attack. I think it’s my past playing into it too. Magicians practice a coin vanish or a card sleight to the point where we aren’t even conscious of doing it. The first step is to practice until you can fool an audience. The final step is to fool yourself. You work to get so good, you don’t even know you did it.”

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