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My Country Tis Of ME

I am not totally shocked that Mitt Romney lost.  I felt uneasy going in, but really was hopeful that folks would at least recognize that Obama’s policies were and are bad for America.  Living in Pennsylvania we Republicans never have a say in who is nominated for president.  I certainly did not like Mitt, but grew to respect him and like the ticket when he added Paul Ryan.  Obviously not everyone agreed as many conservatives stayed home and many voted for others.  Reading the news and reports since the election there seems to be plenty of blame to go around the Republican camp.  One thing that bothers me about the Republicans is how all of the crap comes out AFTER we lose.  The crap is carefully hidden.

So I wonder how any reasonable person could not beat a president like Obama who has failed so miserably in his first four years.  Sure he got bin Laden, but that was Bush’s fault and his signature legislation, Obamacare, is universally disliked by the electorate.  The Republican “machine” is more like a steam engine than a Ferrari and the media certainly effectively hid all of Obama’s skeletons, but there is more to this.  We have become a country full of narcissists.

I made a comment in an earlier post about Obama being the first “reality tv president.”  Look at his campaign where he provided few details, called his opponent a liar, appeared on soft interview shows, and appeared in numerous feature articles in tabloid magazines.  Nothing hard-hitting; nothing of substance, just “hate the rich” mantra.  It worked…again.  I am glad that I am on the downward side of life as I don’t hold a lot of hope for America anymore when my vote is offset by a vote by someone who wants marijuana legalized, thinks conservatives want women barefoot and pregnant, or has a comment about who won the debate BEFORE IT TOOK PLACE, or thinks there is a First Lady Debate.

I’ve been thinking about this and could not find a cohesive way to put my thoughts down so here is some additional thoughts in no particular order:

  • The Republicans will try to oppose tax increases, but are already parsing the difference between “tax rates” and “increasing tax revenues” so that means we are screwed.
  • Mr. Boehner should call a press conference TOMORROW and announce that since Mr. Obama won all that he needs to do is put his revenue and spending plan in writing and they’ll pass it.  It will be HIS budget and HIS ALONE.  As long as the RINOs are perceived to have gotten something they will be blamed later.
  • After Obama is sworn in to his second term HE AGAIN WILL BE ABLE TO ACCURATELY CLAIM THAT HE INHERITED THE WORST ECONOMY SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION.  He may even get the Great Depression.
  • For those of you who stayed home or otherwise squandered your vote remember this when one to three Supreme Court Justices are filled by Eric Holder, Al Frankin,  and Hilary Clinton.
  • If you consider yourself a “conservative” and appear on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS you are actually a RINO.  Switch party affiliations and become the liberal that you so want to be.
  • Republicans should let Obama have the economy.  Spend your time as the racists that you are and pursue Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Green Energy waste, the destruction of Medicare, Obama/Iran coziness, and the classified leaks out of the White House.  You are going to be accused of being vindictive anyway so why not be vindictive?  Own the label.
  • Buy stock in gun companies as sales are going to soar.
  • Better yet, buy guns…and lots of ammo.
  • Watch the United Nations try to limit our gun rights with help from Obama.
  • If you are going to get sick get sick in 2013 before Obamacare fully kicks in.
  • If you want to be free…well there is Switzerland.
  • We can look forward to which old, RINO will be nominated to run against Joe Biden though I am not very confident that we can beat him.
  • We need to give statehood to DC and Puerto Rico so that the Democrats will have a near-permanent majority in Congress.
  • If you have money you should look to move to tax havens BEFORE laws are passed not allowing you to take your earnings with you.  Sounds far fetched…you just wait.
  • The middle class and the poor will have a lot more in common.  Perhaps my cell phone will now be free.
  • Expect an expose about Marco Rubio that he is not really Hispanic.  Nikki Haley is not really a woman, and Bobby Jindal is not Indian.
  • will tip and become the more famous than the Drudge Report.

 Maybe there is still hope for the Next Generation.

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