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Mushroom Harvest

profiles_mushrooms_5411_541637_media_xlargeThere is a saying where I am at my level in my organization.  “We are mushrooms…we are kept in the dark and fed shit.”  I am not sure that is a proper metaphor for the voting American public as they perhaps resemble ostrich who mythically bury their heads in the sand.  I remember years ago when an acquaintance who worked in the oil and gas industry said that he just go tired of the politics and tuned out.  He didn’t want to hear all of that anymore.  I can understand that emotionally as it is tiring, but tuning out is what gets up obaminations like Obamacare.

There was a front page story in our Sunday paper about how people are unhappy with Obamacare as this headline reports.

Health care law’s broad coverage mandate rankles

It seems that the mushrooms are upset at having to pay for maternity coverage when you are well past your childbearing years.

“The law stipulates that health plans for individuals must pay at least 60 percent of medical expenses, limit out-of-pocket costs to $6,350 a year for a single person, and provide coverage for these categories of care: doctor visits and other outpatient care, trips to the emergency room, hospitalizations, maternity care, mental health and substance abuse, prescription drugs, rehabilitation services, lab tests, preventive services and pediatric care.  Highmark Inc., the state’s largest insurer, in September notified Squirrel Hill resident Sandy Fox that the plan she and her husband carried for 15 years would end this month. It did not provide coverage for pediatric care, rehabilitation services, mental health or substance abuse.  Fox, 59, a self-employed psychiatric social worker, was satisfied with her coverage. She disagrees with Obama’s characterization that canceled plans were substandard. “We’ve had good coverage through the years, without any problems,” she said. “When I compare it to some of the policies on the exchange … I think those plans are substandard.”

Perhaps…just perhaps the ostrich should not be surprised upon taking its head from the sand to see a predator ready to rip its throat out.  Perhaps mushroom people should not rely on CNN/CNBC/CBS/New York Times for all of their news.  This result has been shouted about from the RIGHT for YEARS.  To use another adage;

What you reap so shall you sow


You’ve made your bed now lie in it

mushroom bullshit

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