Framing the Dialogue

Murder Theory

Murder Theory is the third in Andrew Mayne’s The Naturalist series featuring Dr. Theo Cray who is a computational biologist and serial-killer hunter.  If you hadn’t read the first two novel, I would as they’ll give some background on the whole nerd/killer hunter label.  Dr. Cray is lured back to the scene of the Toy Man killings when there are more murders at that scene.  Are the killings just coincidence or a new killer afoot?  Once he is on the scent, Dr. Cray, as you know, will stop and nothing to find a killer.

“From the way Jillian is looking at me, I can tell she’s probably thinking what I’m thinking: if this is related to Oyo, then I’m a target as well. Nicolson knows this but hasn’t said anything. There’s another agenda there. But I have no idea what that is. The smart thing to do is to walk away. Unfortunately, my curiosity doesn’t always lead me to do the smart thing. “Agent Nicolson, would you mind giving Theo and me a few moments?” asks Jillian.”

Cray seems to find an ally in the FBI, though the profiler may be as interested in Cray as any murder suspect.  I hope that this relationship continues in future books.

“Nobody is more tireless than Gallard, but a man who has to follow the law to enforce it doesn’t have the same advantage as someone willing to break a few things and seek forgiveness later. The FBI’s job is incredibly hard.  If I ever have to sit in another conference room and explain something technical (god forbid), my first reaction when they don’t understand won’t be to storm out. Things have to be different.”

This is another home run for me from author Mayne.  It was very hard to put down so I didn’t do that much.  My only qualm is the cliff-hanger at the end.  It was well done, but I HATE cliff-hangers.  Hate them.

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