Framing the Dialogue

Murder In A Heat Wave

Murder in a Heat Wave heat wavelooks to be the second in the Martha Patterson mystery series by author Gretchen Sprague.  Martha Patterson is a retired attorney who has just returned to New York City from a trip out West to visit her son and his family.  Patterson lives in a condo community with what appears to be an overbearing board.  Her arrival is greeted by a heat wave throughout the city and her building’s air conditioner is not working.  The heat inside the building exacerbates tempers and murder ensues.  Martha Patterson finds herself pulled into the investigation; one with far too many suspects, many of whom are neighbors.

“______ was dead.  Martha and Rashida Grant had found him – what was left of him – behind the closed door to the master bedroom.  He was lying between the bed and the chest of drawers, his ruined face caked with brown dry blood.  The room, in spite of wide-open windows, smelled ever so faintly of rotten meat.”

This can perhaps be described as a “Mrs. Marples” type murder mystery.  An older woman investigating a crime, not many frills as far as technology; just some simple, old-fashioned sleuthing.  This was an decent book to read though certainly not edge-of-your-seat, thought it didn’t need to be in order for me to enjoy it.  I like to call these type of novels beach reads.

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