Framing the Dialogue

Morgue Drawer Four

morgue drawer“Hauled off – where to?  I suddenly wondered, feeling panic take over.  How the hell am I supposed to find my way back into my body if I don’t know where it is?  You can imagine my horror.  So I whooshed over behind the two figures who had just loaded the casket containing by body…”

Morgue Drawer Four I guess can best be described as Ghost without the very attractive Demi and Patrick and way less pottery.  Authors Jutta Profijt and Erik Macki introduce us to a less than savory “hero”, Sascha “Pascha” Lerchenberg, who is also the victim or at least the focal victim.  Pascha enlists the help of a less than enthusiastic medical examiner to help find his murderer…if he was actually murdered.  Pascha is basically the type of person who is a drag on society and doesn’t know it.

“Suddenly I made myself sick.  Really.  Here I was, standing at my own grave wondering how much of the shit that had happened in my life was actually my fault.  Thoughts like these aren’t really particularly pleasant when you’re alive, but if you ask yourself these questions in time you can still change something…But in my case; Too late!  No insight however clever it might be, could help me now.”

I wouldn’t call this a light summer read only because of its subject matter, but it was interesting to read though certainly not a page turner.

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