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Mobs’ Rules (Democracy)

As a rational man it is hard to watch what has been going on in the Democrat Party without feeling pity for their plight. Don’t get me wrong I really hope their woes continue for the next several decades even though they need to win once in a while to keep the Republicans-In-Name-Only (“RINO”) in their place. But their recent level of disdain for the founding principles of our country is outrageous. Michelle Malkin wrote a great article on the hide-and-seek Democrats and offered this quote;

“As the daughter of former (Democrat) Wisconsin Senate Minority Floor Leader William R. Moser…I am ashamed of the actions taken by the minority party to subvert our system of government by boycotting its legitimate processes. Anarchy is undemocratic, and I know that my dad is spinning in his grave right now…I do not support refusing to participate, because that will not solve any of the issues facing our state.”

That is a powerful statement from someone who was probably raised in a politically aware family, however, since this is FramingTheDialogue I take exception to a number of the ways that these events are being portrayed. One of my first posts asked whether the United States was a democracy. It is not! Our founders realized that a true democracy is the rule of the majority often at the expense of the minority. Their “foresight” based on extensive research of past governments guided them to define our political structure as a Representative Republic. We elect our officials to do our bidding with three branches of government to prevent any one branch from getting too powerful. Each branch has constitutional duties. When citizens dislike the path of the country/state they can change their representation during an election.

Last year a majority of states did just that with their citizens electing Republican majorities in many states. Much to the dismay of the “grasshoppers” the Republicans are doing the unthinkable for a politician and keeping their campaign promises. They are looking to cut spending, reduce waste, and balance budgets as is their constitutional duty. Democrats/leftists/progressives don’t like this and have “astro-turfed” protests to try to manufacture a state of anarchy, but the average citizen does not seem to be convinced by their showing and the protests may be backfiring. Many of us see the union protests as what they are…manufactured, and what they will lead to if left unchecked…control of us by public sector unions. Perhaps this is what President Obama meant when he noted that he would like a non-military, civil defense force the size of our army and funded by taxes.

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded…People of all ages, stations, and skills will be asked to serve.

The union-driven, organized protests at many state capitals give us a not too subtle glimpse of how the left would like to run things. I believe that many average citizens (and by average I mean citizens who do not follow politics) are taking notice. Even the Obama White House has stepped back some from the forefront. Some main-stream media outlets have actually portrayed Democrat actions and the protests in a negative light though they are still desperately seeking a “Norma Rae” moment. They all have their eye on the prize…Pulitzer Prize that is.

In what is the most embarrassing spectacle in modern politics Democrat Party lawmakers in Wisconsin and now Indiana have abandoned their constitutional duties and fled their respective states so that they cannot be compelled (i.e. dragged in by the police) to vote. The State’s business cannot be conducted without their presence in the legislative chamber. Their contemptible actions in support of the “grasshoppers” against all others are dramatic evidence of who they support and what they want our country to look like. These retreads from the sixties protest days no longer play well to the American public. The economic downturn and high unemployment has awakened many people and they want lower taxes and lower government spending.

It should not surprise us that the Democrat lawmakers shirk their constitutional duties as they have ample role models. Start with President Obama who as an Illinois lawmaker voted “present” an unprecedented 129 times rather than do his constitutional duty. Is it a coincidence that Illinois is the state of choice for Democrats-In-Hiding? His obvious desire to create a “blank slate” by which gullible voters could view him as they wanted worked like a charm even allowing him to knock off prohibitive favorite Hillary Clinton. Perhaps in a bow to Obama the then Democrat controlled Congress decided to essentially vote “present” on their constitutional duty to pass a federal budget. I am sure that the upcoming election had NOTHING to do with this lapse in doing their jobs.  True American Hero Paul Ryan, taking exception to the first time that Congress had failed to pass a budget said,

“Facing a record deficit and a tidal wave of debt, House Democrats decided it was politically inconvenient to put forward a budget and account for their fiscal recklessness. With no priorities and no restraints, the spending, taxing, and borrowing will continue unchecked for the coming fiscal year.  The so-called ‘budget enforcement resolution’ enforces no budget, but instead provides a green light for the Appropriators to continue spending, exacerbating our looming fiscal crisis.”

The mistake that they made is that the Republicans now control the U.S. House of Representatives and are going to pass a budget with lots and lots of spending cuts. They seem to be taking that whole “representative republic” idea pretty seriously. The Democrats, however, are in high dudgeon and have again opened their tired, old playbook that just does not seem as effective. They’ll force a government shut down so Granny won’t get her Social Security checks, the mail will not be delivered, and the military won’t get paid. Citizens for the most part are not buying it and the Democrats seem confused. There is no groundswell of support other than union-backed efforts.

It is hard to describe these Democrat actions as anything other that spoiled children taking their toys and hiding in their rooms. I would hope that voters like most parents would not reward this type of behavior, but as I look back we seem to repeat this cycle and forget about famous progressive Democrat presidents like Wilson, FDR, Carter, and now Obama. I left out Clinton even though he was also a progressive, but he was a practical progressive and knew when to cut his losses. I don’t have any illusions that he moved meet Newt Gingrich in the center to help the country, but the country still benefited.

It is still early, but I have been heartened by the staunch positions taken and held by many Republican leaders. Like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown RINOs have pulled conservative principles away from us on too many occasions to be too trusting. We are inching up on that ball though because we really believe in the path and want to believe in the American way. What the Democrats are doing IS NOT AMERICAN!

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