Framing the Dialogue


I wasn’t sure whether to  list this posting as an update to I Dream of Health Care or my review for Judge Napolitano’s book Lies the Government Told You.  I punted and selected neither.

This headline from the Associated Press may qualify for the Homer Simpson “DUH” awards;  Report: Health overhaul will increase tab.”  The assessment wasn’t by any “right-winged” think tank or pundit.  The Health and Human Services Department provided the bad news except that it is too late as the bill is now law.  The article listed more bad news regarding long-term care insurance and medicare so read at your own risk.  Here are some of my predictions:

  • Henry Waxman will immediately subpoena the senior management of the Health and Human Services Department to testify in front of his committee.
  • President Obama will travel somewhere and give a speech to a bunch of doctors (white lab coats required attire) demonizing his Health and Human Services Department and blame Bush appointees for the “smear.”
  • Joe Biden will say that this report is “no big F*&%ing deal.”
  • Harry Reid will begin posturing for the job as new head of the Health and Human Services Department.
  • Nancy Pelosi will be marching somewhere with her big gavel.
  • Henry Waxman, upon being told that the testimony may  be embarrassing to Obama, cancels the hearing giving an excuse that he wants to spend more time with his family.
  • The Congressional Budget Office was just following orders.  Isn’t it time to change the rules for the CBO so that they don’t have to evaluate whatever drivel legislators push in front of them?
  • Senator Ben Nelson will send out a press release that he actually voted against the bill before he voted for the bill.  He was very confused by the shear thickness of the bill.
  • Rep. Stupak with claim that the legislation was an abortion and that he is against government funded abortions unless he is given some pork for his district. 
  • Senator Snowe was glad that she voted with her Republican colleagues for a change on significant legislation.
  • President Obama will give yet another speech.  He will claim that his Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan will easily make up enough money to cover the huge deficit caused by his health care law.  In fact offering amnesty to 25 million illegal immagrants and providing them free services and health insurance will acutally save money.  We need to bring these people out of the shadows. 

This whole episode was a travesty.  It is not enough that these folks lose their next election and get cushy jobs.  It would be nice to put them in jail, but that won’t happen.  We should take away their benefits to help defray the costs of their bloated plan.

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