Framing the Dialogue

Miramont’s Ghost

miramonts ghost222“All she had was this knot in the pit of her stomach, the vague feeling that something was dreadfully wrong.  How do you ever know the truth about another person?  Without the knowledge that comes through clairvoyance, how could a person ever know when someone spoke the truth?  How could you ever know with any certainty what happens behind closed doors?

 In Miramont’s Ghost we follow the life of young Adrienne who grows up in wealth near Beaulieu, France.  Living with her dysfunctional family, she is mostly happy as her grandfather dotes over her.  Family secrets and an unusual ability continue to interrupt an idyllic family life.  Can tragedy be far from the door?

This novel by Elizabeth Hall can only be described as a tragedy.  I found it long on detail for the first two-thirds of the book and very quick to end which I found less than fulfilling.

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