Framing the Dialogue

Middle Class Riches

If you have read much of my posts over the years you might logically conclude that I am not fond of the policies of our current President. But I have to admit that recently I have seen some light at the end of my own personal fiscal tunnel. I noticed in my pay stub that I have somehow become rich!

That’s right; I am no longer in the middle class. Obama helped me accomplish this feat without even a rise in my pay. You see if I wasn’t rich I wouldn’t have had any tax increases. He promised that middle class folks wouldn’t see their taxes increase. Only that dastardly one percent would pay more. I can only surmise that since I now get around $60.00 dollars less each pay due to increased taxes that I must have somehow stumbled into the world of the rich and famous.

I am so rich that Obama and let’s face it, the Republicans, want to now take away my deduction for my home mortgage interest and charitable contributions. It’s not fair that rich folks like me have this “loophole” while so many Americans cannot afford to own their own homes. Since Obama’s federal government gives so much of my tax dollars away we no longer need to give to charities. The government is there to help.

I am not sure how the extra $1,500.00 per year that is TAKEN from my earnings will be able to help those who no longer work. That may buy three big screen televisions for some poor families or maybe defray the cost of their free cell phones or allow them to enjoy, while I eat hamburgers, some steak on their Obama-Food-Stamp debit card. I don’t mean to sound bitter, but you know how we rich folk like to miserly hand on to our money.


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