Framing the Dialogue

Mercury Falls

“Harry managed to get an overall sense of how the Apocalypse was going to go down. It was his knowledge of these imminent events that had propelled him to build his media empire. He wanted to be ready to proclaim The End when it came. Harry had always been cognizant of the danger of becoming so wrapped up in the business of empire building that he would miss out on his true calling, to be the harbinger of the Apocalypse.”


In Mercury Falls, author Robert Kroese brings us to a point where the Apocalypse seems to be upon us.  The story is told through reporter Christine Temtri’s eyes as she seems to have the niche at her paper to report on doomsday.  Vowing to never again report of such events, she is again drawn into what seems, at first, to be just another end-of-days story.  This novel has her teaming up with some unlikely angels who seem either hell-bent on ushering in the Apocalypse or as in the case of Mercury, Meh!  Needless to say, but Miss Temtri does not want her world to end.

“The abstract impetuses of angels and demons were beyond her. There were no good guys in this story, as far as she could tell. There were only the bad and the incompetent. The closest thing to a good guy was, she grimly realized, Mercury.”

This was an unusual book to read.  It has enough theological “truths” intertwined with lots of made up stuff to be humorous.  There are sequels and I’ll read the next one.

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