Framing the Dialogue

Memory Man

imageImagine what it’s like to be able to remember everything. We’re not talking about a good memory, but an extraordinarily detailed ability to “re-watch” something that happened yesterday, a week ago, or even twenty years ago. Oh and the bad stuff that we are able to let fade is just as vivid.  In David Baldacci’s novel, Memory Man, former detective Amos Decker has this unique ability and is faced with trying to solved a series of crimes that become very personal.

“Amos Decker noted all,of this and more as his mind sorted through everything that was in front of him.  Deducing here and there.  Speculating sometimes.  Guessing other times.  None of it meant anything other than it was just what he did to pass the time while he was waiting.  Just like counting in color.  Just what he did to pass the time.”

I think this was my first time reading a novel by Mr. Baldacci.  It was an interesting story that kept moving and had some interesting moments. The end left me a bit wanting regarding all of the connections. If I say more then I give too much away. Sorry.  The author sets up the narrative for a long crime-fighting series.

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