Framing the Dialogue

Memorial Day

“It should not have come as a surprise to him that in a town like Washington and in a place like the White House, politics played such an important role but, in an irritating and undermining way, it did.  Add to all of that a convoluted, misguided, and rabid political correctness that permeated nearly every meeting, and you were left with an environment in which the inconsequential was debated and dissected, and the issues of real importance we obfuscated and put off for someone else to deal with at a later date.  It was not a place where a man of action felt at ease” [emphasis added]

Believe it or not, this is not a political opinion posting.  These are the thoughts of Vince Flynn’sheroic character Mitch Rapp as the nation faces yet another crisis with terrorism and political leaders debated rights of terror suspects.  You might think that this book was written this year as we face similar issues with the “pantie bomber” and terrorist trials in New York City.  Flynn’s Memorial Day was first published in 2004.  I guess that we have not made much progress.

As usual author Flynn mixes in some political commentary with his fast-paced thrillers.  Mitch Rapp again is called upon to wade into the darker side of humanity to uncover and stop a plot to punch the United States.  As usual in Flynn’s novels, the action is non stop and I often find myself holding my breathe while reading suspenseful chapters.  Neither Vince Flynn nor Mitch Rapp disappoint.  I did enjoy the fact that Mitch’s new wife was absent from the novel as I find her character irritating at times. 

Flynn did something different in this novel as he set the table for his next novel.  I usually wait and spread out my Rapp novels, but I am going to start Consent To Kill today.

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