Framing the Dialogue

Mea Culpa (mā’ə kŭl’pə)

Mea Culpa is is defined  as:

“An acknowledgment of a personal error or fault.”

Synonyms:  “eating crow”

Can you use it in a sentence?

meaculpa“Mr. Bush didn’t cough up his modified-limited mea culpa until he’d seen his whole administration flash before his eyes.” [This was the example actually used at for the definition.  The sentence is attributed to Frank Rich of the New York Times.  This is also a good example of a reporter expressing his opinion in his writing.  Calling a sitting president “Mr. Bush” is disrespectful.  One must ask “Why so Vitriolic, Frank?”]

Can you give me an example?

Example:  I have written several pieces on man-made global warming and you could say that I was a skeptic.  Many on the left would call me a denier or worse.  Recent events, however have caused me to reassess my beliefs and alter my stance on the issue.  Like John Kerry making campaign speeches, I am flip-flopping my position on climate change.  Consider this my “Mea Culpa,” “eating crow,” admitting that I was wrong, or givin’ up the ghost (not in dying sense, but the stop trying sense).

I am now a full believer in climate change!  So what convinced me?  My moment of truth came on Sunday when my wife turned on our furnace for the first time.  I remember thinking that it was far too early to have to put on our furnace, but she just wanted to “take the chill out of the house.”  It was just last week that we were sweating to high heat and humidity.  How do you explain the fact that less than a week ago we were too hot and had the air conditioner running and a few days later we had the heater on? 


As I sat there that evening, the pieces all started to come together in my head.  I remembered earlier this year we were having very cold temperatures and even some snow.  Things changed.  The temperatures started to rise each day and instead of snow, we had more rain.  Only months before we did not have any rain and now all of a sudden it was raining almost every day.  Not long after that change, we had less rain, but much higher temperatures.  How else can you explain this?


I now fear for my family as it seems like there is not as much sunlight as before.  THIS HAS HAPPENED IN JUST A FEW MONTHS!  It seems to have started around mid June.  I wish that I had been taking notes because all that I have at this point are my qualitative observations.  No one is going to believe me.  What will we do without sunlight?

I know that I have to become active in the man-made global cooling-warming-climate-change movement.  It is not about saving myself, I want to save my children, ice caps, poor coastal countries with beaches, penguins, and whales.  But  mostly I have to save those loveable, cute polar bears.  As of today I PLEDGE:

  • To skip every other breath to reduce my CO2 emmissions.  I am not sure yet how to do this while I am asleep.
  • 6a00d83451c49a69e200e553c0315d8834-320wiTo buy carbon offsets from Al Gore so that he can plant trees somewhere in the world.  He may have to fly there in his private jet, but he is trying to save the world after all.
  • Replace all of the energy burning incandescant bulbs with the mercury-filled compact flourescent bulbs that use less energy.  I am learning to love the yellow cast they give our home.  With the energy-efficient bulbs, I will no longer have to run around the house turning off lights all day long.
  • To paint my roof white as suggested by Energy Czar Stephen Chu.  I may wait until after this winter so that some heat will be absorbed into my house, but next spring I will be out there with a brush.
  • To leave for work at 3:00 AM so that there is virtually no chance of encountering traffic and wasting gas.  I cannot afford the energy saving hybrid cars, but I will turn off the engine when going down hills.  It does make steering and stopping more of a challenge, but I want to do my part.
  • To wear my undergarments multiple days to reduce laundry.
  • To institute a “brown flush it down, yellow mellow” policy in our house.
  • To institute a strict TP policy allowing only one square per event goal.  Oh and that one square is not going to be the soft fluffy TP that is bad for the environment.
  • To no longer fly in my private jet unless I can carpool with other celebrities or Al Gore.  This may be my easiest to comply with.
  • To frighten my children with stories of impending calamities.
  • To get all of my news from an acceptable network like ABC (All Barack Channel), CBS (Certified Barack Channel), NBC (National Barack Channel), or CNN (Clinton News Network).  FoxNews is evil.
  • To ignore all scientific evidence that Climate Change is a naturally occuring phenomena.  The debate has ended (it has never really started) and we need to take drastic and costly action NOW!

I just hope that I am not too late jumping on the bandwagon to save the planet from its fever.

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