Framing the Dialogue

Making The Connection…NOT

today_showI was watching the Today show this morning not out of choice, but out of love.  My wife likes to watch it and I was with her this morning.  I am not sure why she does not ask me to leave the room as I always feel the need to comment on their embedded bias.  They are not overt about their bias; I am pretty sure that they probably do not even recognize it.

I should try to relax as I really do understand that the Today Show is basically People Magazine in television format, but they do feature Ann Curry as a newsreader and actually present some news headlines.  In a news segment this morning Ms. Curry reported that Senate Democrats have reached a broad agreement on health care that could allow the legislation to proceed to a vote.  I know that this is scary stuff on its own merit, but this post is about media bias.

The very next story was about how the Department of Homeland Security accidently posted on the Internet an internal document used by airport security personnel to screen passengers.  This document would be handy to potential terrorists in that it “could offer insight into how to sidestep security.  The document outlines who is exempt from certain additional screening measures…offers examples of identification documents that screeners accept…and it explains that diplomatic pouches and certain foreign dignitaries with law enforcement escorts are not subjected to any screening at all…It said certain methods of verifying identification documents aren’t used on all travelers during peak travel crushes.”

I sat upright in my chair and could not understand how they could not make any connection between the stories.  The federal government is inching closer to taking over health care and becoming more involved in our lives and having access to all of our health records.  While the agency tasked with protecting our security in the homeland just posted an “Idiots Guide to Breaching Airport Security” on the Internet….accidentally.

How do they not make any connection between these stories?  I guess this is why liberals consider Fox News to be conservative as they would have made the connection.  That is probably the difference between newsreaders and newspeople (or is it persons?).

My wife patiently listened to my gentle rant before getting ready for work.  As she left the room she asked me to continue watching to see if they reported the condition of Tiger Wood’s mother-in-law adding, “you may continue to make comments while I am gone.”  I am not sure if that was a loving understanding or sarcasm.  In my mind it was the first.

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