Framing the Dialogue

Luke Says “Go Snow”

One of my favorite cartoons as a youth was Underdog.  Have no fear, Underdog is here!  Of all of Underdog’s protagonists, none were more irritating than scientist/inventor Simon Bar Sinister.  One of his weapons was a machine that made snow.  I can still hear him running around wreaking havoc yelling “Simon Says Go Snow.” 

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Luke must have felt like Simon Bar Sinister was waging war against him with all of the recent snow in the area.  Mayor Luke’s theme song recently was Daniel Powter’s Had A Bad Day.  The Democrat Mayor’s troubles started when he left town on the eve of a huge snow storm to celebrate his birthday at a local ski resort.  All snow broke loose and the mayor was no where to be seen.  In his defense, there was plenty of warning that this was going to be a big storm and he had plenty of time to prepare before he left town.

Except he really did not seem to prepare.  That’s what got him in trouble.  All politics is local.  People screamed because his employees did such an unbelievable POOR job digging out from the snow.  Their poor job was compounded by the fact that there seemed to be a lot of indecision and the union employees really did not seem to put them selves out there for their fellow citizens.  There were at least two stories of 911 calls where ambulance drivers could not drive to the houses.  Rather than rush to the citizens in need, they requested that the victims walk to where they were.  One of the callers died after a reported ten calls to emergency services.  Hopefully there will be a fair and honest review of these cases.

That's Mayor Luke on the right.

Mayor Luke has been under a lot of pressure and most recently was again absent in the hour of need.  A few weeks after he took off to celebrate his birthday (he turned 19 – maturity age) he could not be found.  His absence seemed to coincide with a famous celebration in New Orleans’ French Quarter.  When asked where he was, he let loose an angry tantrum at the press.  I saw a similar performance by a two-year old yesterday at Costco.  I chuckled with the man behind me in line as we both were happy that it was not our child.  I’ll chuckle with you as I am happy that he is not my mayor. 

As the controversy winds down and the City of Pittsburgh returns to Democrat politics as usual, I was greeted by a front page article this morning with some of Mayor Luke’s gems of wisdom about how to respond next time.  His first bullet was…

“Public Works needs more people and heavy equipment”

It should not surprise me that the Democrat mayor of a Democrat town is of the opinion that he needs to hire more people and buy more equipment.  In other words, he needs to spend money…other people’s money.  In case you did not know, the City of Pittsburgh has been under state receivership for many years because of budget problems.  I now work for a construction company and we would not think of hiring a bunch of people or buying equipment that would not be used frequently.  Equipment and people who sit are wasting money. 

My guess is that his next move will be to try to impose a “Snow Fee” on people who live outside of the city, yet work there.  “These people use City services, but don’t pay their fair share,” will be the claim.  Since I neither live or work in the City anymore, I can smile as the sides battle and more and more businesses leave the confines of the City of Pittsburgh.  I love Pittsburgh and it is a shame what is happening to it under decades and decades of Democrat leadership.  Unfortunately, the Republican Party in the area is basically non-existent.

More bad news is on the horizon for the boy mayor.  The global warming that probably was in his long-range planning seems to be cooling off.  None other than global warming guru Phil Jones has let the cat out of the bag admitting that there has not been warming for at least 15 years.  Cooling seems to be in the forecast so maybe Luke is right to buy more equipment. 

Maybe Governor Rendell or Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato will increase his allowance.

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