Framing the Dialogue

Low Information News

So the Obama Administration has scores of scandals like;

  • Benghazi where they failed to secure our citizens, failed to try to help them when attacked on 9/11/12, and then lied and lied and lied about what happened until after the election, and now stonewall any investigation.
  • Fast and Furious where Obama purchased weapons in the United States and facilitated turning them over to Mexican criminals and estimates are that 300 people have been killed with the weapons including one American.
  • IRS Scandal where “enemies” of the Obama Administration mysteriously found themselves the target of IRS audits and lack of action on applications for “non profit” status.
  • Associated Press scandal where the Obama Administration secretly sought and received phone logs of several AP reporters while they were “investigating leaks.”
  • Fox News scandal where the Obama Administration got warrants for White House correspondent James Rosen for even his personal email accounts.
  • Speaking of emails, this scandal seems to have drifted away as many of Obama’s advisors had been caught using private emails for their work.  This is illegal and an obvious attempt to keep the public in the dark about what is going on in this White House.

So I am amused when Yahoo’s home page displayed this gem in the midst of all of Obama’s troubles.

Obama Yahoo May 2013

I would be more interested in his grades, his college writings, and who paid for his college.

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