Framing the Dialogue

Louder Than Words

illegal immigrationIf you have been conscious over the last few weeks you were not surprised by Obama’s unilateral declaration of Amnesty last night.  The time for words has passed as I am tired of hearing the same old dialogue;

  • Bring them out of the shadows
  • Impeachable
  • Amnesty
  • Comprehensive
  • Defund
  • Unconstitutional
  • Sovereign
  • Executive order
  • Obama
  • Congress
  • Republicans
  • Democrats
  • Immigrants
  • Illegal immigrants (though this term is rarely used in the media anymore – Americans lost that framing the dialogue battle long ago)
  • Power of the purse

I could go on and on and on and on.  The Democrats and Obama pledged to do something “if Congress didn’t do something.”  Which most of us with our heads outside of our asses knew meant give Obama what he wanted and ONLY what he wanted.  The Republicans threatened to retaliate in any number of ways.  The lame-stream media promoted the story about splinters within the Republican party over immigration.  Open border enthusiasts rallied for more and more illegal immigration and amnesty for those who already overran our borders.  They ignore their own polls which show that a vast majority of Americans want the borders secure and are tired of hearing stories of criminal illegal immigrants (all illegals are criminals but I’m talking about those who do more crime once they’re here) committing heinous crimes…even after being caught and released by the feds.  Why do you think Obama waited until after the midterm elections to unveil his executive action.  He hinted enough to get his base riled up, but didn’t do anything that would make the eventual election bloodbath worse.

illegal immigration 2

Obama threatened, the Republicans drew a red line, Obama has now crossed it.  We will see whether the Republicans do anything more than whine on Fox News about how illegal Obama’s actions were.  They do seem most comfortable complaining not doing.  Maybe they can coax Boehner out of the tanning booth and McConnell from his election party to act, not just scurry toward the closest podium.  I am not all that confident they’ll do anything, certainly not before the new Congress is sworn in.  That’s a wonderful excuse for inaction…”we just don’t have the votes to do anything.”  Again Republicans are too comfortable in the minority even when they were voted into the majority by voters.

My “glass half full” assessment is born out of decades of experience watching politicians.  They say a lot, they do take action though only to pay back their big financial supporters.  Republicans always play to their bases during an election cycle and after sworn in pay back their big donators. Take the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  We loved them when they talk about the economy and jobs and tax cuts and criticize Obama.  Would it surprise you that they are for Obama’s amnesty and even Obamacare?  It shouldn’t!  They are not for America, they represent businesses most likely don’t give a hoot about the average American worker.  By all accounts they want Obamacare so that companies will be “forced” onto government exchanges (a win for Obama and progressives, a win for businesses getting out from under health insurance and a loser for the other 99.9 % of Americans).  The Chamber wants amnesty…cheap labor.

I am just not sure who in Washington represents us.  Maybe Ted Cruz or Mike Lee, but they are habitually portrayed as kooks by the media, Democrats, and sadly by Republican leadership.  Rand Paul?  Maybe a few dozen elected officials and none of them seem to be Democrats.  It is bothersome that Democrats seem to vote in lock-step.  Why does this phenomenon occur?  They even voted against the Keystone XL Pipeline going against their bread-n-butter labor unions wishes.  Union donate hundreds of millions of dollars to get Democrats elected.  You have to wonder what other big money is behind killing XL?

Now that the gauntlet has been thrown by Obama we’ll see whether Republican action speaks louder than their words.  And it’s not just some action, it will have to be decisive and quick.  So Republicans…we are watching whether to follow up on your threats or will you act just like Obama and his red lines (we should probably start calling them yellow lines) and bow your heads in supplication.  Oh you’ll need to send out hundreds of pleas for money to combat the progressive hoard.

illegal immigration 3

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