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Living Off the Grid

I believe in being prepared for some type of period when services may become scarce like food, water, electricity, etc.  I am not digging fallout shelters, but it does seem prudent to take some steps for insurance.  Living in an area where we have cold winters the possibility of surviving cold has me perplexed.  The subtitle to Living off the Grid certainly caught my eye; “A Simple Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Self-reliant Supply of Energy, Water, Shelter and More.”  I expected a more practical guide to providing/getting energy off of the grid, but what the book really should have been titled is A Rich Person’s Guide to Living Off the Grid.

The photograph of the windmills on the cover should have tipped me off, but I judged the book by its title not its cover.  My mistake.  Author Dave Black delved into the threats of looming man-made global warming or was it climate change to start the book.  That’s real turn off for me.  Although Black does provide some detailed information about wind and/or solar power, my thought is that if you can afford these types of systems you can afford to have the experts to install them so those details were lost on me.  I cannot say that I gained anything from this book.  Oh wait I know how to turn a 5-gal bucket into a toilet.


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  1. Kevin says:

    Disappointing. This was on my list of books to read. I expected some of the Rich Person’s Guide, but not the whole book. Looks like I’ll be finding another book like this.

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