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Living In The Twilight Zone

February 6, 2009 Update:  The Obama Administration’s continued flirtation with law-breakers keeps getting worse and worse and worse.  Here are his latest poor choices:

Secretary of the Health and Human Services – Tom Daschle:  It seems the former senator “forgot” to pay $128,000 in taxes over three years.  He paid the back taxes plus $12,000 in interest and penalties seemingly right before his confirmation hearings.  It was also disclosed that Mr. Daschle also made millions of dollars since he failed to win re-election in 2004.  He was paid by a law firm, but is not a lawyer and claimed that he is not a lobbyist.  If it gets paid like a lobbyist and looks like a lobbyist and smells like a lobbyist, he mustn’t be a lobbyist.

Secretary of Commerce – Bill Richardson:  This isn’t a new one, it happened so long ago, I forgot about it.  The former Governor’s ties to a contractor derailed his nomination.  The investigation into his role is ongoing.

Whitehouse Chief Performance Officer – Nancy Killefer:  Had to withdrawl her nomination because she failed to pay unemployment compensation taxes for household help. 

Secretary of Labor – Hilda Solis:  It seems that her husband had a tax lien on some property for aroung 16 years.  He settled the lien as his wife is being considered. 

You unlock this door with the key of imagination,
Beyond it is another dimension,
A dimension of sound,
A dimension of sight,
A dimension of mind,
You’re moving in a land of both shadow and substance,
Of things and ideas,
You just crossed into
The Twilight Zone!

One of my favorite shows growing up was the Twilight Zone.  Rod Serling’s narration set the stage for what usually was an episode full of twists and turns.  Things never were what they seemed.  Years later, John Landis paid tribute to the classic series with Twilight Zone: The Movie.  Who can forget John Lithgow in the Flight of Terror short watching the gremlin tear apart the plane?

Recently it seems like we are living in one of the episodes.  When I look at recent events, I am waiting for the twist or maybe to just wake up.  Top stories in the news lately are the confirmation hearings for President Obama’s new cabinet and staff.  This is the bizarre part if you take a closer look at some of the stars of this group:

Secretary of State – Hilary Clinton:  She is fourth in line to be President and will be negotiating with all foreign governments on behalf of the United States.  The twist is that her husband has allegedly taken hundreds of millions of dollars from many of these countries.  It is “alleged” because they will not release the information about their income and contributions to their foundations.  That’s the past right?  Not so much, as it is their contention that his “employment” is not a conflict and will continue. 

Attorney General – Eric Holder:  He will ostensibly be the head law enforcement officer in the United States; entrusted to enforce our laws.  The twist is that he was up to his chin in a number of questionable pardons at the end of President Clinton’s second term.  No big deal, he just accepted the pardons of Marc Rich (fugitive) and maybe some terrorists (FALN).  Please note that the Secretary of State is married to former President Clinton.

Secretary of the Treasury – Tim Geithner:  As Treasury Secretary, Mr. Geithner will be responsible for the Internal Revenue Service.  They are the folks who collect our taxes and send tax evaders to jail after they pay heavy fines.  The twist is that Mr. Geithner failed to pay taxes for four years.  He was audited by the IRS and was caught for two of the years, paid the taxes plus interest, though no fines.  He did not pay for the other two years until just before he was nominated to be the Secretary of the Treasury.  Do a little research to find out about his other skeletons.

White House Climate Czar – Carol Browner:  As a former head of the USEPA under the Clinton administration (is this sounding too familiar?), she would seem like a qualified person.  The twist is that she is a member of Socialist International, a group calling for the implementation of a global government.  Hey let’s use our tax dollars to pay someone to work toward creating a global government with authority to supercede our sovereignty.  Anyone hear our founding fathers rolling around in their graves?

CIA Director – Leon Panetta:  Mr. Panetta will be in charge of the top security agency for the United States.  Panetta was President Clinton’s Chief of Staff (there is that connection again).  The twist is that although he has had a long career in politics, he has never had any experience with the intelligence community.  It seems perfectly logical to employ an inexperienced politician to head our lead intelligence agency in this time of world peace.

I am starting to feel like the guy on the plane watching the gremlins tear the engine apart.   Unfortunately that was just a movie.

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