Framing the Dialogue

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Usually when someone describes “light at the end of a tunnel” that is a good thing though not in this case.   I am in this tunnel (actually we all are) and this light is speeding toward us.  We are not really in a position to escape and the walls are too narrow for us to hope that is passes harmlessly by us.  What I am talking about is a notice that I received from my employer recently.  These notices are typical this time of year to outline issues/changes to the W-2 reporting.  They are generally unremarkable.  This year’s notice included this paragraph which is the “light” to which I was referring;

Value of Health Benefits

If you were enrolled in health benefits (including medical, supplemental or Employee Assistance Program) for any time period during 2012, Box 12 of your W-2 will include the value of those benefits. The value of health benefits is listed for informational purposes only in accordance with the Affordable Care Act and is not taxable income. The value will vary for every employee and is based on plan selection, dependent enrollment and the number of pay periods that included coverage.

 It does say  “The value of health benefits is listed for informational purposes only,” but it is listed under the section used to document taxable items.  Does anyone really believe that it won’t be very long until it isn’t for “informational purposes” any longer?  The government doesn’t just gather this information unless they are trying to figure out how to tax it.  Under The Abominable Care Act (Obamacare) we can expect to be told to bend over and spread our cheeks for more than a proctological exam (for our readers the analogy would entail putting your feet in the stirrups).

God Help Us!

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