Framing the Dialogue

Life With No Breaks

life no breaksIf you read my post and particularly my book reviews you may have noticed that this is my third book by Nick Spalding in a row.  I’ve rather enjoyed his humorous novels at a time when some light reading was called for.  In Life… With No Breaks , Spalding’s goal is to write a book in one sitting.  He did it!

Spalding covers many topics…some funny some more personal and touching.  Overall he is an entertaining writer and this will probably be my last book of his that I’ll read.  I was very disappointed to read this part of the book as he talks about Americans being his favorite foreign people;

“Mind you, at least you got rid of that maniac Bush and replaced him with some who actually has a brain.”

So this nobody, British writer presumes to suggest that President Bush has no brain.  It never ceases to AMAZE me the arrogance of libretards who think that they know everything and don’t mind insulting anyone who may have a difference of opinion.  I read what he wrote as “if you are a conservative, you are stupid.”  I am a conservative and I am not stupid…and I will not be stupid enough to give this author any more of my hard-earned money.

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