Framing the Dialogue

Lies The Government Told You

“Dear reader, since you have actually picked up and read this book, it might be a little late for a warning.  Just in case you thought you were safe to read whatever you choose.  I want to warn you that your reading habits may be monitored for ‘suspicious’ behavior.  Considering the title of this book, your name might now be on a list authorized by the Patriot Act…”

You may have enjoyed the insightful commentary by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano on many cable news shows.  I always considered him a rather conservative-leaning man.  I bought the book expecting it to take shots at left-wing Democrat politics and it does that.  The Judge, however, is just as critical of the Republicans.  I should have known since Congressman Ron Paul wrote the forward.

Reading Lies the Government Told You made me uncomfortable with the ever growing government control of our lives.  I guess that I would describe the book as haunting as Napolitano describes the secret train ride by officials who would plan the creation of The Fed or how the Obama administration trashed contract law when it essentially voided the position of the auto industry’s secured creditors (the one’s who, by contract, should have been paid first) in favor of the labor unions. 

The judge is not very kind to “W” as he discusses The Patriot Act, Iraq, and torture.  He may be the most critical of the courts as they are supposed to be the last barrier protecting our constitutional rights:

“And so the government learned that as long as it lied convincingly about its intentions, no matter how unbelievable its claims, and couched the lies in constitutional verbiage, the Court would sanction its actions.  And thus began the era of lies and deceit by the government in order to diminish slowly but surely that right the Founding Fathers saw as so fundamental, the right to self-defense.”

If you are a Democrat and are comfortable when your party is in power or a Republican hoping to regain power someday, this book will open your eyes to the historic proof that either party takes us down the road to bigger, more controlling government.  Actually the book is a little depressing as there does not seem to be a way out of the cycle.

The first step, however, is knowledge and The Judge provides a great place to start.

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