Framing the Dialogue

Liberal Alters – Abortion

Liberals have many alters to which they worship.  None may be as divisive in our country as abortion.  Abortion is always portrayed as a rather complex issue about a woman’s body or when life begins couched in flowery terms like “pro  choice.”  The basic issue is  rather simple with some complex scenarios that can be debated.  Proof that abortion is a liberal alter is their support of partial birth abortion.

The procedure entails allowing the baby to be partially delivered, halting its progress, and killing it before it is “born.”  They attempt to justify killing these babies by saying that it is to protect the life of the mother, but there is not any method to verify this.  How anyone can argue for this is beyond my understanding.  You may notice that most liberals won’t argue for it.  They dodge the issue by saying it’s between a woman and her doctor.  What is really between the woman and her doctor is a dead baby. 

So when does life begin?  There are lots of claims and libs seem to like the point where the fetus could survive outside of the womb.  You certainly could stretch this to the point where a child can take care of themselves and we could “abort” kids up until the age of 21. 

Viability may be their excuse, but LIFE needs to be the criteria.  Can anyone really argue that, at the point of conception, an embryo would not be born unless aborted (by nature or by doctor)? 

Is that not life? 

That is it!  That is life and abortion kills life.  Be careful as they’ll try to distract you with arguments about rape and incest.  Those are frightful occurrences, but that is not the main issue.  They will often claim that they are against abortion, but are pro-choice.  Sorry, but they are pro abortion.

I have an idea for you to try out on one of your liberal acquaintances.  Before you talk to a liberal about abortion tell them that you were on vacation and were served sea turtle eggs.  When you ate them you didn’t know that the ggs were from an endangered animal.  You felt guilty about eating it after you found out what it was.  You feel even more guilty now because it was very tasty and you want more.  The restaurant assuaged your guilt by explaining that since the egg wasn’t born so it really wasn’t alive yet.  You’d never eat a living sea turtle, but why not unliving eggs?

Watch them freak out.  It is interesting that liberals are more protective of animals and plants than they are of human embryos.

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