Framing the Dialogue

Let Us Prey

Mimi Capurro owns the Gotcha Detective Agency.  When she is hired to provide protection for a famous author she becomes exposed to an unusual group of role-playing vampires when someone close to the author is murdered.  The vampires make for a somewhat mysterious and target-rich group of suspects.  Things are further complicated when an ex boyfriend is the detective is assigned to the case.

“Oh, don’t worry. Even though you hired me to do this, I’m done. One attempt on my life for this investigation was plenty. And apparently your little plans are so much more important than my life.” I stood. “Now if you’ll excuse me.” “What?” Lauren was genuinely puzzled. “Attempt on your life?” Though I was really too tired to discuss it, I explained about the attack the night before, about finding Susan, and how my wonderful Lola had bitten a chunk out of her.”

Let Us Prey is not just a who-done-it novel, but has some humor at its base.  So it is a bit dark humor as there is a rather gruesome murder involved.  I found the book quite enjoyable.

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