Framing the Dialogue

Let’s NOT Make A Deal!

I have to confess that I am embarrassed by being fooled by Obama last week and his tax “deal.”.  I felt a sense of relief when he annouced an agreement with Republicans for an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for ALL Americans.  The far left went nuts over letting the “wealthy” keep their own money as if not stealing it through government dictate is something to give thanks.  The official Republican spin was that this was a good deal.  As the week wore on, however, we come to find that this deal contained a good deal more crap.  As usual the Republicans gave a lot more than they got and the Democrats are still trying to load this bill up with their wish list or more realistically to buy votes so the measure can pass.  Here is a partial list of the pork, but none of this is in writing and has all been done behind door number three:

  • An additional 13 months of unemployment benefits
  • Like Lazarus, the death tax will rise again.  That’s where the Feds take up 35 percent of your money after you die.  You know that money you have left over after you’ve paid your taxes.  That includes cash, stocks, bonds, property, land, your business, jewelry, etc.  Figure out your estate and give a good chunk to Uncle Sam.
  • Massive subsidies on corn-based ethanol production.  Making fuel out of corn is such a great deal that it continually needs to be supported by our taxes.
  • Massive subsidies on wind, solar and other “green” energy programs.  Ditto what I said about ethanol.
  • Reduction in the Social Security deduction.  This is a scrap that will save us some money for a year to make us happy about the deal.

Republicans need to grow a set or a spine and just say no – KILL THE DEAL.  We want a permanent extension of the Bush Tax Cuts.  Nothing more in the bill, just the cuts.  Obama’s list may be worthy of debate, but those issues should be discussed and voted upon on individually.  No more sticking amendments on to bills that are popular.    Let this agreement go down in flames like it should.  Come January, the Republican-led House of Representatives can pass a permanent extension giving businesses a strong foundation from which to build.

There seems to be growing sentiment to let the Democrats take the heat on this one and I hope that conservatives take that road.  Enough of Republicans crossing the aisle.  Let see some Democrats cross over and get religion…fiscal religion.  I am tired of hearing that the recession ended in 2009, when 2010 was such a lousy year.  Let’s start 2011 with some GOP fireworks in Congress.  That would be nice, but I somehow don’t think I’ll get that wish. 

Republicans seemed to have already forgotten how they are gaining power in a month; the strength of the TEA Party and its supporters.  They’ve forgotten their Pledge, but we have not:

  • Permanently Stop All Job-Killing Tax Hikes
  • Act immediately to Reduce Spending
  • Cut Government Spending to Pre-Stimulus, Pre-Bailout Levels
  • Read the Bill
  • Advance Legislative Issues One at a Time

I believe that the Republicans missed ALL of their Pledge.  Take a moment and “sign” an on-line petition against the deal here.

 Just say “NO” to Obama’s deal.

Perhaps there are few liberal journalists more irritating than NBC’s Andrea Mitchel so I really enjoyed watching her get schooled by Senator Judd Gregg on taxes.

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