Framing the Dialogue


As I sit in my house and earlier at work I am struck at how the world turns and turns as our country fades and fades.  If you read this blog you know that I don’t like the policies of Obama, Democrats, liberals, and progressives.  Their positions only make sense if the goal is the end of American as it was founded and prospered these last few centuries.  The latest bile to spew from the White House were two, in my opinion, huge decisions by our “Banana Republic” chief executive – B. Hussein Obama.

Obama quietly signed a Dept. of Defense authorization bill to provide funding for our military.  Attached to the legislation was a provision that,

“Section 1031 of the NDAA bill, which itself defines the entirety of the United States as a “battlefield,” allows American citizens to be snatched from the streets, carted off to a foreign detention camp and held indefinitely without trial. The bill states that “any person who has committed a belligerent act” faces indefinite detention, but no trial or evidence has to be presented, the White House merely needs to make the accusation.”

In public Obama claims to not want the provisions and, of course, would never use them, but this video of DEMOCRAT Senator Carl Levin puts the lie (lawlessness) to Obama’s claim. 

The legislation was signed by Obama.  Where were the Republicans?  Why wasn’t this stopped.  You may believe that Obama is not “Big Brother”, but at some point we will have one and the tools will all be at his disposal. 

The second event was Obama’s way to scuttle Republican attempts to appoint people to posts.  Republicans have been blocking certain appointments using the same tools that Democrats used against George W. Bush.  Clinton, Bush, and Obama have used “recess appointments” to get their guys in while Congress was out of session.  I remember cheering when Bush appointed John Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations.  The appointments only last the year.  The typically spineless Republicans devised a strategy to prevent Obama from making recess appointments.  The never had recess.  They were able to keep Congress “in session” by having events every few days.  This wasn’t a new strategy, but Obama decided that any day he could just make a lawless recess appointments.  It’s going to take decades to undo the damage this Administration has done to our country.

As usual Charles Krauthammer deserves the last word. 

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