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Law and Disorder: Absurdly Funny Moments from the Courts

Author Charles Sevilla has compiled a collection of humorous events from the courtroom in Law and Disorder: Absurdly Funny Moments from the Courts.  These snipits were submitted by members of the legal profession and each has a reference to where the action took place…in case, I guess, you’d want to verify.

As I read through the book I wondered whether use of the descriptive “absurdly funny” was apt.  While there are many funny moments, this is not an absurdly funny book.  Here are two of my favorites;

“An Innocent Question (John Aquilina, Riverside) [Man approaches Counsel in hallway] MAN Do you know where I go for a battery? COUNSEL A court case as opposed to something for your car? MAN Yeah. COUNSEL Are you a witness, victim, or defendant? MAN No, I’m the guy who did it.”

“Voir Dire: Fair-Minded Juror (Jeff Harbin, Bakersfield) Q. Do you have any bias or prejudice, either for or against the defendant because he is Hispanic? A. No. I try to treat all criminals the same.”


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