Framing the Dialogue

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I was shampooing my hair this morning and forgot how to do it so as luck would have it my bottle had directions.  The only problem is that I got stuck in a loop of lather,  rinse, repeat…lather, rinse, repeat…lather, rinse, repeat…. (you get the picture).  There is nothing on the directions about when to stop.  So I start thinking that since this seems to be happening with Obama’s economic policy maybe he lost the last page of his economic book and just doesn’t know where to stop.  I eventually ran out of shampoo and had to stop, but he has no “bottle” to empty.  When he runs out of our money, he just prints/borrows more.  Like my suds our money seems to be going down the drain.

As of this morning…

  • The Dow Jones industrial average is down 307 points in midday Monday trading, or 2.7 percent
  • The S&P 500 is down 40, or 3.3 percent
  • The Nasdaq is down 90, or 3.6 percent
  • Gold rose above $1,700 per ounce for the first time…EVER

I was struck by the subhead under the photograph on Yahoo…”FEAR A REPEAT OF 2008.”  The article was written by the Associated Press so I have little doubt that the “repeat” referred to the housing/economic crash, but I have a little different take on the fear of 2008…

This is what I fear!  It’s been nearly three years and things are rapidly going from bad to worse.  We cannot change the economic events that happened in 2008, but we can try to elected enough people to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.  We need to get rid of both Democrats and Republicans (and it’s probably most of them) who care more about power than our country.  They need to work for a living for a change.

Let’s not forget in 2012!

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