Framing the Dialogue

Last Refuge

last refuge 2Dewey Andreas is back in this latest in the series by Ben Coes featuring the exploits of the X-Delta member.  As often is the case in this genre things go really bad then they get worse and things look dire and the hero, in this case Dewey, sweeps in and all is better.  I don’t mean that to be flip as I found this to be an enjoyable novel, but that is the general formula for these novels.  The devil or in this case the quality is in the details.

In The Last Refuge Andreas has to find a way to aid a colleague who is in deep, perhaps mortal trouble.  In order to attempt to save this person he has to travel to a world in which a Westerner is not welcome and that spells danger.  Coes brings in many current event issues to the storyline and many fear that some of the details in this book are closer to reality than acknowledged by officials.


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