Framing the Dialogue

Last Minute Shopping – Going Green

Twas two days before Christmas and all through the scene,
Not a toy had been purchased unless it was green,
No gifts for the kiddies how could you be so mean?
“It’s not my fault” you say…the choices are so lean,
Well here are a few that you may have not seen!

New from OurBro toys is the updated AND GREEN Easy Bake Oven.  The updated version features the same recipes that you have come to know and love (additional mix packages are available and sold separately), but the oven now comes with a compact fluorescent bulb (“CFL”) to bake your treat.  The CFL uses far less energy and is much better for the environment which will make your child an “Energy Star.”  It should be noted that since the CFL gives of so little energy a cake will take approximately 36 hours to bake and may actually spoil before it cooks.  The oven also includes a guide to cleaning up mercury spills in case you happen to break the CFL bulb.

Next for your Holiday list is an updated AND GREEN (not just the color) of the famous Glo Worm.  What child doesn’t want this cuddly comforting plush critter to help them sleep at night.  We’ve removed the batteries and the switch at the back and replaced it with a more environment-friendly hand crank charger.  When your child is afraid in the dark and wants the comfort of the glow worm’s LED harsh glow all they have to do is turn the crank a thousand times for five minutes of dim light.  The exertion will also help them sleep and prevent obesity which is a national crisis.

Not to be outdone by the other manufactures famous video game maker Nintendo is getting in to the GREEN market with a bang.  Nintendo now offers an optional solar attachment for their popular Nintendo DS hand-held gaming system.  The kit comes with a five feet by 8 feet state-of-the-art solar panel array, five ft. power cord, anchoring post, and installation instructions.  At only $15,000 this is a great way to teach your children to honor the environment.  The instructions also include a guide to government grants that may be available to defray the costs of the solar panel; why should you pay when there is FREE government money there for the taking.  Rumor is that a wind-generated power kit will soon be available which will come with the “Idiots Guide to Identifying Dead Birds and Bats.”

For those of you who are more adventurous and love backpacking and camping GreenPro products are now offering a pocket cooking tool.  The MagnaOven will soon become the essential tool for any camping trip.  A light one kilogram (2.2 pounds for those of you still using the antiquated English measurement system – America) it will surely be on of the first things you pack in your backpack.   In the picture a very happy customer is fixing a batch of delicious popcorn to share with his mates.  Yum.  The MagnaOven can also be used to read the small print that comes with the instructions.  If you act now, the manufacturer will include the patented MagnaOven cleaning cloth and recipe book for delicious meals.  The manufacturer does NOT recommend that the MagnaOven be used to start campfires as that would not be environment-friendly.

And for our final GREEN gift we searched long and hard for a gift for that child who likes to be active.  You are going to love the wind-powered flyer.  We have a large variety of kits to assemble your own Kid Initiated Terrestrial Escape toy (“K.I.T.E.”).  Don’t let your child be the last one on the block to get his or her KITE.  The KITE will provide your little one with minutes of fun before violently crashing to the ground splintering into many irreparable pieces.  If you act now you can buy additional KITE kits for a 50 percent discount (separate shipping and handling fee applies to each kit purchased).

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