Framing the Dialogue

Last Food and Fuel

I once heard Pennsylvania politics described as the “red T” where there is a corridor north-south in the center of the state and an east-west corridor on the upper part of the state that is generally red or republican. The state, however, is generally dominated by the two large urban areas around Pittsburgh and Philadelphia where blue is predominant. I really cannot speak to local Philadelphia politics, but the Republican Party is, if I am being very generous, extremely weak to non-existent in the ‘Burgh.

As I travel around Pennsylvania, mostly western, there are corridors where folks don’t seem to like the current occupant of the White House. Pennsylvania seems to regularly lean toward the Democrat side in national elections. For governor, however, they seem to switch between the two parties each getting an eight year window.

In the eight years of the “W” Administration I really didn’t notice any overt expressions of dislike along Pennsylvania’s highways. These past three years, however, they are frequent and even have incursions into the “blue” parts of the state though usually outside of the urban center in the west. I started to collect photographs of the billboards, first because of the “war” between coal/gas and wind energy, but with the crop of other signs I thought it would be a great post for you…not much writing and lots of pictures.



By the way the title comes from a sign that struck me along one highway pointing out that it was 120 miles to the next food and fuel. There is no real connection to the post, just something that struck me as funny.

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