Framing the Dialogue

Labor Day 2012

Yesterday’s mail included this littel gem from the Ameriacn Federation of State and Municipal Employees (“AFSME”).  I am not a member…please, but am FORCED to pay my “fair share” to the organization.  I have to pay them one percent of my salary even though they DO NOT REPRESENT my views.  My money pays for this crap!  I know that they’ll argue that my money only goes to pay them to negotiate on my behalf…a function that I did not request.  The idiots forget that money is fungible and any money that I am FORCED to pay to an organization who supports views opposite of mine is criminal or it should be.  Actually they know that money is fungible…they are relying on the fact that public education has so eroded people’s understanding of economics that YOU won’t know.  They know!

This cover really ticked me off!  I live in a state where the electorate is pretty much dominated by two large urban areas dominated by Democrats.  Like most states, Pennsylvania was delivered to the Republicans in 2010.  The Republicans have both houses and the Executive Office.  They are in control and it has been nearly two years. 

I was almost literally struck watching the GOP convention about how little the Republicans have accomplished in Pennsylvania.  To their credit they have balanced the budget and passed it on time for the first time in eight years (thanks to Democrat Eddie “Fast Eddie” Rendell) and it was a major effort.  But they have done little else.  As I watched New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Ohio’s John Kasich, South Carolina’s Nikki Haley, Texas’ Rick Perry, and LA’s Bobby Jindal (who stayed home to deal with Hurricaine Isaac) I felt that Gov. Corbett paled in comparison.  It seems like Pennsylvania Republicans are really just Democrat-lite. 

A big campaign issue for Corbett and the Republicans in 2010 was school choice.  I believed that it was important.  Nothing has been done.  Another big issue was privatizing liquor stores.  This may be the saddest of all.  There have been several bills floated though none have passed and NONE included a true free market.  The politicians want to maintain control…Democrat-Lite.  I am not quite ready to label them RINOs, but they creep close to that line and it is dissappointing when you look at their Republican colleagues in the states mentioned.

I have a proposal for the Pennsylvania elected Republicans.  Do us all a favor and right after this Labor Day announce that you will make Pennsylvania a Right-To-Work state!  Pennsylvanians will no longer be forced to join unions (or pay labor unions) just to have employment.  You could also save us about 25% on costs by eliminating the Prevailing Wage provisions for government contracts, but I am just dreaming now.


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