Framing the Dialogue

Kelly VS Weiner

The following debate between Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) is very interesting.  Also appearing is Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and the ever annoying Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL).  I apologize that I could not edit Schultz out of the clip, but the exchange between Kelly and Weiner toward the middle of the clip is worth the wait.  I love how Rep. Kelly blasts Weiner.  I would LOVE to know what was going through Kelly’s mind as he showed restraint when dealing with the twerp Weiner. 

I’d like to break some of the statements down and add my comments (please excuse me if I do not get the quotes exactly right):

  • Weiner (starts at 0:59):  “Tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires somehow the bill fairy pays for that”  I think Democrats like Weiner have a mental disorder to have this thought process.  Tax [rate] cuts essentially allow wage earners keep more of the money that they have earned.  It is our money Anthony!  Weiner and his cohorts truly believe that our earnings are theirs to do as they please.  Weiner also needs to stop with the class warfare stuff and ask “who is John Galt” before more entrepeneurs and businesses go Galt.  I don’t hate the very rich…I have no real fantasy about being mega-rich, but I’d like to be closer to their level of income.
  • Schultz (starts at 1:22):  “A constituent from my district came up to me and thanked me for saving her $3,000 a year because she could put her two adult children on her health insurance.”   Schultz gets thanks for taking our money so that one of her constituents can save three grand.  Isn’t that grand?  Economically that just doesn’t work.  Someone will have to pay the bill either by the government (meaning we’ll all pay for her benefit) or her insurance premium will increase and she just doesn’t know it yet.  Providers cannot afford to give services away and if forced to will just “go Galt.”  You don’t have to be a news junkie to have heard stories of premiums going up or insurance companies choosing not to offer certain plans.  I actually think this is the progressives’ goal so that the federal government can take over the entire health care system.
  • Schultz (starts at 1:40):  “wasting time and adding to the deficit by repealing health care reform”  In another example of liberal twisted economic theory she mimics the talking point that somehow crushing a TRILLION+ dollar program will somehow increase the deficit.  Perhaps there will be costs associated to undo the damage already done, but “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
  • Kelly (starts at 2:14):  “there is a cost with everything involved.  My early time here in this city is so different from where I come from because I live in a real world where people actually have to use thier own money to pay for things…I love the fact that ‘we are going to pay for it’ we are not going to pay for anything the we in Washington.”   For some reasong neither Tony nor Deb interrupted Mr. Kelly.  Perhaps it was because he looks tough and was within reach of their scrawny necks.
  • Weiner (starts at 2:40):  “this ‘rell world’ stuff is going to get old real fast”  For some reason Tony Weiner decided to take a little stick and poke it at Rep. Kelly.  Perhaps that’s not such a good idea Ant’ny.
  • Kelly (starts at 2:55):  “You’re very amusing.  You’re very amusing.  You have never in your life you have never done anything on your own with your own skin in the game.”  I have high hopes for Rep. Kelly and my guess is that he’ll get plenty of invitations to appear on talk shows.
  • Schultz (starts at 3:36):  Note: you’ll have to hold your nose on this one coming from a Obamacrat.  “We have to get into deficit reduction, job creation, and turning the economy around.”  So two and a half years since the recession (which occurred two years after Democrats took both houses of Congress) we now need to focus on the stuff that the voters (those that work or hope to) have been screaming about for years.  What’s up with the voters in Florida?  At least Alan Grayson had some lucid moments.

I hope the you appreciate how many times that I had to endure VeinerShultzie to write this post.  I think that they perhaps have only one nasal between them.

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