Framing the Dialogue

Keep It Quiet

Keep It Quiet by Richard Hull follows the Secretary (manager) of a British gentlemen’s club, the Whitehall Club.  When a member seems to be murdered the Secretary is embroiled in intrigue and cover-up while still trying to please his members…all very British!

“You can’t have murders in decent clubs. It does the place no good – no good at all. Best to let sleeping dogs lie.’ He went to Morrison’s funeral quite happily, and returned from it in so cheerful a frame of mind that he even thought he could find a bye-law as to the sherry which would satisfy Cardonnel. A closer examination, however, brought disillusionment. It was then that he opened the letter.”

Following the British theme, this novel was not my cup of tea.  I found myself a very impatient American trying to read about a stodgy gentlemen’s club.

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