Framing the Dialogue

Just One Look

I am not sure what the title of Harlan’s book has to do with the story, but his titles are perhaps the greatest in the suspense genre.  In Just One Look , housewife Grace Lawson’s life is turned upside down by a photograph that was slipped to her.  Her husband disappears, strange characters return from her tragic past, and she feels threatened for her and her children’s safety.  Oh and the police don’t seem to want to help.  And there is an oriental super villain thrown in for good measure.

As I was finishing the book I was struck at the complexity of author Harlan Coben’s story twists.  It was fun to look back through the story and recognize all of the hints that he provided.  Just One Look is a riveting thriller and highly recommend it.  One of my best compliments for a novel is to say that it captivated in such a way that I read it in one day.  I read this in one day.

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