Framing the Dialogue

Just One Damned Thing After Another

“By now, afternoon had become early evening. The interview was taking far longer than a simple research job warranted. Clearly it was not a simple research job. I felt a surge of anticipation. Something exciting was about to happen. He cleared his throat. ‘Since you have not had the sense to run for the hills, you will now have the “other” tour.’ ‘And this is the “other” interview?’ He smiled and stirred his tea.”

Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor ushers us into the world of time travel.  At St. Mary’s these archaeologists are trained to look at history a very different way.  Perhaps a combination of Indiana Jones meets Dr. Who (though I don’t know anything about Dr. Who so my comparison may be off).  Our story introduces us to Madeleine Maxwell and her class of new recruits.

“What came next was a reality check. We had two deaths in my first two weeks as a historian. Training had been hard work, difficult, strenuous, scary even, but apart from cuts, bruises, and the odd simple fracture, not particularly hazardous. All that would change now we were fully-fledged members of the History Department.”

The life expectancy of these “historians” seemed a bit short as they often jumped into the middle of some historic crisis.  Trying not to alter history while having human compassion was often at odds on a mission.  This was an interesting read as there were a lot of twists and turns…and time travel!


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