Framing the Dialogue

Just A Note

I just want to thank all of you who faithfully or otherwise visit framingthedialogue.  Yesterday marked the second anniversary for this website and I look forward to the next twelve months.  If I had one request of you I would really like to hear more comments (except for that liberal lady from the Costco posting).  It is really rewarding to hear your opinions from time to time.  Lavish praise is also welcomed.

I actually have another favor.  If you like framingthedialogue tell your friends and have them take a look at it.  If you hate framingthedialogue tell twice as many friends to have them look at it. 

Okay this is the last item.  If you are interested in any of the books or just want to purchase something on Amazon, click on one of the books to connect to Amazon.  I get some credit and even more if you purchase the book. 

You can also purchase gift products inspired by Ayn Rand’s novels by clicking on the “Who Is John Galt?” link on the top right.  I don’t get any money for that link, but if enough of you buy stuff I can get the Galt/Taggart 2012 t-shirt. 

That’s enough shameless self-promotion.

Thanks again for a great two years and keep reading.


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