Framing the Dialogue

John Dies At The End

john dies in the endSo I had to ask my niece whether John actually dies at the end in John Dies at the End.  She wouldn’t tell me and I guess you’ll have to read this novel to find out yourself.

I am not quite sure how to describe this book.  Bizarre would be apt.  More than an apt description.  It was certainly entertaining and did I mention bizarre?  I am not sure that I have ever read a book quite like it. David Wong’s book was described by others as both humorous and horrific which pretty much hits it on the nose.  I was never quite sure what was going to happen next and in the vein of horror novels of the macabre the author was able to pull from his obvious fertile imagination to create a scene.  He also favored us with perhaps the longest epilogue that I have ever read.

I enjoyed this novel, but I am not sure why.  Perhaps it was the scary without the fear with some humor sprinkled in.  It would be interesting to see Mr. Wong’s outline for this book.

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