Framing the Dialogue


“She took one more look at the carnage in the little internet café that had been her livelihood for the last two years and inhaled a deep breath. Nothing good would come from stalling the inevitable, and with any luck, she now had an element of surprise in her favor…Highlight She shook herself mentally, forcing her pulse back to normal. The old instincts were rusty, yet it was all coming back in a rush. A third boom reverberated across the waterfront street, and a staccato popping of secondary fireworks followed it, the glow from the red and blue blossoms illuminating the night sky.”

Jet thought that she had left her old life behind her with a perfect cover.  Problem is that her business made big enemies…ones with long memories and a bankroll to afford to wait and find her.  What the assassins found was more than they bargained for.  Now Jet has to figure out who is after her and how to neutralize.

This book had plenty of action and would be a great summer read.  I’ll look forward to the next in the series.

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