Framing the Dialogue

Jade Palace Vendetta

Jade palaceThe Jade Palace Vendetta follows the exploits of a Ronin or wandering Samurai warrior.  Matsuyama Kaze is a Samurai who was on the losing side in a great struggle in Japan for supremacy.  Now hunted by his enemies he wanders the countryside in a quest to fulfill a promise made.  His quest to find a young girl places him on a road where he is compelled to help a hapless merchant as other Ronin are trying to steal his gold.  There is much more to the merchant and Kaze must use hit wits as well as his skill with a sword to continue his quest and stay alive.

This novel was a pleasure to read.  Though it doesn’t grab like some mysteries it was engaging and was a nice good versus evil story.  I liked it enough to have just ordered the next in the Samurai Mystery series by Dale Furutani.

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