Framing the Dialogue

Jackson Dismayed

That title is how the excerpt from my local paper described Rev. Jesse “blackmail” Jackson’s feelings over the Recording Academy’s (Grammy Awards) decision to pare down the number of awards handed out this year.

Grammy Controversy: Rev. Jesse Jackson Enters Fray Over Cut Categories

Since Jackson has absolutely nothing to do with the music industry (or any industry or anything for that matter) I can only surmise that it has been too long since he got any press and decided this may work.  Jackson DEMANDED a meeting with CEO Neil Portnow to discuss his demands or threatened boycott or to “occupy” the grammys.  Portnow acquiesced to Jackson’s blackmail as have so many others in the past. 

Ordinarily I would be rather irritated about some executive cow-towing to Rev. Jackson, but since this is the entertainment industry I am enjoying this.  I do so love to see the left eat their own!  None of the articles that I read disclosed what Jesse wants from the Recording Industry, so it could range from getting a beer distributorship for his sons, to better seats at the awards show, to an invitation to meet Shakira, or perhaps he is trying to ensure that Taylor Swift doesn’t beat out Beyonce again.

There has been no word on the demands of Rev. Al Sharpton.  Perhaps he is waiting to see how low they bow to Jackson.

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