Framing the Dialogue

It’s Not Civics, It’s Politics

From the workshop - Sorry about the quality...I was sitting in the back

That is the recurring message delivered by author Dr. Timothy Daughtry to an enthusiastic audience of about one hundred and fifty “activists” yesterday afternoon.  The funny part is none of us in attendence were activits.  We were just mainstream Americans who are very concerned about the direction that our country is being driven by the far left.  “Driven” may not be the correct term as it seems like we are being “herded.”  We peaceful Americans want to enjoy our families, work hard, play hard, and basically want to be left alone.  Between elections we expect our elected officials to keep their promises and act in ways that do not require our oversight.  That really hasn’t worked really well for American ideals for the last century.

Dr. Daughtry wrote the best selling book, Waking the Sleeping Giant that I reviewed a few days ago.  I bought and read his book after signing up for the workshop and was excited about the tools offered to deal with the far left, but more importantly how to try to guide the misinformed and uninformed to see the hypocrisy of the left; to give them the knowledge and information to see the correct path for our country and convince them to vote for America.  Dr. Daughtry uses examples, relaxation techniques, and humor to deliver his message and convince us to use examples, relaxation and humor.  It was a fun workshop and the crowd, who were fired up to start, was more enthusiastic at the end.  Folks just didnt’ seem to want to leave.  This appearance on Fox News with co-author Gary Casselman summarizes thier book;

Dr. Daughtry likens dealing with liberals like parents driving their children in a car.  The adults (conservatives) try to be responsible and have a real conversation.  The kids in the back are yammering for this and whining for that; interupting the adults trying to get their own way.  Once they do they move on to the next demand.  All they care about is thier wants and needs.  Here is more from Dr. Daughtry;

The challenge is to get out there and talk to the misinformed and uniformed. We have two friends who are mainstream and I even thought they were pretty conservative. We went to their house one evening to play some games and the conversation turned to politics (it wasn’t me) and they shocked me when they said that they weren’t sure about Romney; that they didn’t think they would even vote in November. They know about the debt; they know about unemployment; they’ve had employment issues and yet they were going to stay disengaged. My response was to simply tell them that if they didn’t vote they were essentially voting for Obama. We need to REMIND mainstream Americans what is a stake.

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