Framing the Dialogue

Irreparable Harm

irreparable harmIrreparable Harm is the first in the “Sasha McCandless Legal Thrillers” by author Melissa F. Miller .  The novel was recommended by a family member mostly because it’s story was set in my hometown of Pittsburgh.  It is always a special treat when I know the area where the mystery is taking place though unless you are also from the Burgh, that wouldn’t appeal to you.

Sasha McCandless is a rising star in her law firm and has paid her dues and considers herself a strong candidate to make partner, a first step in the upper echelon of her legal practice.  Though small in stature, she can take care of herself and fate will test her mettle as one of the firms biggest business clients suffers a very tragic incident that could cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.  McCandless (there is a township of McCandless outside of Pittsburgh) gears up to fight a long legal battle, but was not quite prepared to fight for her life as well.  She is thrust into the fire as murder and mayhem follow her through the story.

Though the novel was entertaining, I felt like there could have been more and the ending was transparent long before the I reached that point in the book.

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