Framing the Dialogue

Invitation To Murder

In Invitation to Murder a party is being held for current and former employees of a small television station.  As many of you may know when you spend a lot of time together, like eight hours or more a day – five days a week, you know a lot about each other and as the saying goes “familiarity breeds contempt.”  The celebration was planned by a co-worker who not many liked and her theme was murder mystery where the teams had to solve a murder.  I think that you see where this is going.

“Then there was finding out Georgie had hidden things from me, old photos of me turning up in weird books, Stuart missing, Faith telling me she thought Jake was still in love with me, and to top everything off, there was Sam. He was the biggest thing affecting me tonight.”

This book was a bit tedious for me at times though it did get better as I read through.  I’d have to disagree with all of the folks who gave it 4 or 5 starts on Amazon.  Not a bad summer, beach book though.

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